Colorado Wedding Trends 2023!

Doing research when planning a wedding means also finding out what the newest wedding trends are going to be so your wedding will be right on-trend. We have all of the hottest 2023 wedding trends from cake designs to wedding decor to trending wedding dress styles and more to walk you through planning the most perfect wedding day.

Family & Friends are now officiating in beautiful outdoor weddings in Colorado!! Kyle and Denise had a dear family member officiate their wedding in Estes Park, Colorado. It was so beautiful because he knew the couple so well and was able to bring up funny stories and stories that made you tear up to make the ceremony absolutely beautiful.

Hiring a wedding planner that can help make your dream wedding a reality and save you money. Many couples in Colorado see how hiring a wedding planner is a must, especially with outdoor event and ceremonies being outside at one location and moving everyone to another location for the reception. Gavin and Cely did just this in Morrison, Colorado when they got married in the cute little white church and had the reception at another location. They said hiring Bradford Weddings & Events was the best decision they had ever made.

Earthy Colors like a burnt orange and emerald green are being see in the forefront. Bride Jessica couldn’t wait to have the burnt orange and emerald green colors for her wedding. This wedding in Denver, Colorado was absolutely beautiful and looking forward to seeing many more of these weddings in 2023.

Pearls are back in 2023 and bigger than ever. From the dress to the cake to even the decorations this is taking weddings to a new level. Alex and Vanessa are making a huge statement with their June wedding in Fort Collins, Colorado with this look. The design looks right out of vogue magazine and is timeless. We are super excited for this wedding.

The best trend in my opinion is making a weekend out of it and that is exactly what Emily & Austin are doing. Creating family time with out of state guests and bringing everyone together in Colorado for a beautiful small town mountain wedding. A welcome dinner, golf for the boys and shopping for the girls and of course enjoying the beautiful mountain views.

Of course in 2023 remember its your wedding. Do you and no matter what you choose your wedding will be beautiful.

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