Ultimate Guide to Wedding Rentals in Colorado!!

Getting married is something most everyone looks forward to. It’s often called “the big day” for good reason; it is a day that has been romanticized, planned for, and dreamt of the vast majority of Americans. We have cable channels dedicated to weddings and who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through weddings ideas on Pinterest? This is a day that you’ve thought about for a long time and you want it to be just right.

While you have most likely dreamt of the dress you are going to wear, the bouquet you’re going to throw, and the color tie your future husband will wear, you’ve probably also dreaded the final price tag. Weddings can be expensive. The nicer a venue is the more it is going to cost. The more people you invite, the more it is going to cost. The more food you provide, the most expensive.

That’s why it’s important to consider renting as many items as possible. You don’t want to spend any more than you have to. Plus, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need things like 100 candle holders again after your wedding. This is our ultimate guide to wedding rentals, with a focus on our local market (Denver & Fort Collins, CO).

Wedding Needs That Should Be Rented

There are several items that should be rented for every wedding. These are things that you’re unlikely to use again in the future, so purchasing doesn’t make sense. Renting is going to be more affordable and it’s likely you’ll have more choices.

Rent a Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding

Wedding tent rentals are extremely important for outside weddings, especially with our windy, sunny, and unpredictable Colorado weather. While you and your partner will get married under the gaze of the beautiful sun, being outside all day might get too hot for guests. You can choose a tent, small or large; to have as a reprieve for you and your guests. Cocktail hour can be held outside, while the main dinner course can be designated for underneath a tent. Renting a tent will make sure that the typical Colorado rain showers do not interrupt your big day.


Linens should be part of your wedding rentals list because buying linen can be expensive. Renting linen means that you won’t have to fold them or press them yourself. You also won’t have to worry about cleaning them, as they go right back to us at Bradford Weddings & Events once you are done with the wedding. No muss, no fuss!

Candle Holders and Vases

While you might be able find inexpensive candle holders and vases, it is highly unlikely that you will be using wax covered holders or vases. This is why you should opt for renting candle holders and vases for your wedding day.

This is also the case for floral vases. Most florists will allow you use other cases, such as from a wedding rental company. If you think about it, where are you going to store all of those holders and vases? What are you going to even do with all of them? This is why it’s just a better idea to simply rent this portion of decoration.

Renting China and Chargers

You should rent China and chargers for the same reason you should rent candle holders and vases. Where are you going to put 150+ plates once the wedding day is done? Find a pattern that will match the color and theme of your wedding. It will look great and you will save some money. Your guests aren’t going to know that you rented instead of bought.

If you and your partner would like to eat offyour own plates, then you can work it out with the caterer to have your plates be ones you bought and your guests’ to be ones that are rented.

Chairs and Other Pieces of Furniture

This should be a given, but you shouldn’t buy furniture just for your outside wedding. When you are setting the reception area you are going to need certain pieces of furniture. Chairstables, and even couches are items that should be included in your wedding rentals list. Look into a company that offers furniture that can match your vision. Your guests will be impressed by the aesthetic of the furniture and you won’t need to spend the extra money it would have cost to buy.

Don’t Buy Glassware

You are going to need glassware for your wedding, for everything from water to soda to alcoholic beverages. You’re going to need flute glasses to toast champagne from! Renting your glassware means that you can just return the glassware once the wedding is over, no cleaning 150+ flute glasses and you don’t have to worry about where you are going to purchase all of these glasses.

Choosing The Right Wedding Rental Vendor

Now that we have gone over the kind of items that you will want to rent for a wedding, let’s go through some tips that will help you choose the right wedding rental vendor. There are a lot of different vendors that you can pick from, but not all of them are the right ones. When it comes to wedding rentals, make sure that you’re choosing a vendor that you can trust.

Choose One Vendor For All Of Your Rental Needs

When you are looking to rent various items for your wedding reception you may think that you need to look into places that specialize in one item, but you don’t need to do this. There are wedding rental vendors out there who can provide you with everything that you need for the big day. Whether it’s for a wedding tent rental, glassware, linens, and any other wedding rental needs, you can go with a vendor that can do it all. By having a one-stop shop for everything you need you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. Also, there may be a discount if you rent everything from a single vendor.

Read Customer Satisfaction Reviews

A great website can really pull someone in. Pictures of previous work can really sell someone on a certain vendor. This is made with marketing in mind. The point is to pull you in so you will hire them as your choice for wedding rentals. However, you should dig a little deeper. See if the company website has customer reviews. If not, look online for customer satisfaction reviews. Reading reviews from Instagram, Facebook, and Google can be tremendously helpful. If the vendor has mostly very good reviews then you know you are choosing a reliable company. If there are more negative reviews than positive reviews then you may want to keep looking.

Final Thoughts

Having a wedding outside from Northern Colorado, Wyoming to Southern Colorado provides the perfect backdrop to any spectacular wedding. The primary focus of this day is to start the rest of your life with the person you love. While a marriage should only be about love, the wedding and wedding reception involve money. Budgeting for your wedding can be stressful, which is why you should look into wedding rentals. By knowing what items can be rented, you can see where you can cut costs. Take some of the stress off of yourself and partner with a vendor who can provide you with everything you need to make that special day memorable. At Bradford Weddings & Events we would love to help you call us now for a free consultation.

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